Wednesday, February 22, 2006

women's what?

Although this story is a few days old it is too "good" to pass up. Apparently, some fellow by the name of Travis Frey has been charged with kidnapping, assault of his wife of 9 years. It appears that he drew up a contract (the Smoking Gun) which she never signed but handed over to the police. This was called a "Contract of Wifely Expectations" and in it he stipulates among other things where she could shave, how she was to walk around the house and that as a wife she "be subservient, submissive and totally obedient." It is worth it to check out the comments area. It appears that it is unclear whether this was a typical SMBD agreement of gentlepeople. Which leaves us with that old nagging question about whether sexual politics and feminism have a place in the "bedroom".
The comments are in the Dayly Kos where I inicially read the story.

Onto another subject, a multi tasking doll to be used as a role model, I suppose (via Feministing)
Remember the slave in the kitchen, lady in the bedroom and whore in the bedroom recipe? Strong as ever!

Maybe we should send some over to Europe, which according to the Internation edition of News Week has a lot to learn from corporate America on the rights of women. The scary thing? They have a point!


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