Thursday, September 10, 2009

the health insurance thingamaging

Obama's speech on health care as well as the vociferous and rude remark by a Republican who used to work for Strom Thurmond(!!!, raised another question altogether in my head. Whatever happened to the the strength that was able to get hundreds of thousands of ralliers in defense of illegal and legal aliens? If I recall correctly, it was but two years ago that people rose up all over America,hit the streets demanding reform and the right to be treated like a decent human being. What happened to the cries that you can't do without us, we are a power source etc..I believe in part the economy proved once again that empowering the poor can be dangerous to the powers that be. Van Jones is an example of someone who argued for exactly that and was quietly ousted from the White House in the middle of the night. I'm also inclined to think that the Mexican majority behind those rallies were disingenuous in their actions. Whether the sight of thousands of illegal immigrants demanding rights got the right to mobilize or whether Obama's election took the mojo out of the radicals we;ll never know. But Obama's affirmation that these aliens would not receive health care has hardly been denounced by anyone. In what almost seemed like a staged move, a Repubican stupidly took the strength away from the pettiness and inhumanity of that phrase and turned the whole discourse into one of good manners. Has anyone ever watched the English Parliament. Perhaps they should. The presidents platitudes mean to me another cash cow for the insurance companies. It's universal health care American style. You want a car, you buy insurance, you want a body (and unlike cars we cannot live bodyless) you buy insurance. Now, let's see what goes on with the car insurance scene. You pay different amounts for living in different zip codes. I live in what is deemed a very safe neighborhood, have an old clunker and so I pay very little insurance. So how does that transfer to the insurance companies? Well, I live in a healthy neighborhood so my insurance will probably be lower. On the other hand, my body might be an old clunker and therefore unlike car insurance, it will cost them more to fix it. So I pay more in which case I can either afford it and again the middle class looses or I can't and Medicaid steps in. Yeah! The middle class has gotten screwed again. And that is why I will never own a home! Bevause I do not want to have this tremendous liability.
My fear and their gloating is that my hopes of getting health insurance from my employer has just gone up in smoke. Because with this plan, the ultimate goal is to have everyone paying their own insurance. No wonder the insurance companies like it! Me thinks that if I had money to invest in the stock market I would do so in the health insurance field.

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