Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the heat is up

Kudos for Deeyah, for her courage. In these days of Identity soups , free soup kitchen in France which delibaretely uses pork to keep the islamic hungry brethen away(via An Unsealed Room) and National Pig Day over at Tammy Bruce's blog (no link from here), it is easy to loose it. Deehya sings about women's oppression in Arab countries, using rap or hip hop, a medium that hasn't been too kind to women, and in some instances downright mysogenist. What is important is her message and her courage though, for we have to remember Theo Van Gogh's brutal murder for his documentary which basically conveyed the same message.
These are confusing times. And dangerous!
On a lighter note, on the front range we are having a mini summer with temperatures above 70F after a week of sub zero cold. What a place!


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