Friday, March 24, 2006

Morning blues

In the Washington Post this morning, it becomes clear what the immigration issue is all about. It's a means for self-serving politicians to get more of the same. There are many classes of people out there and in the lowest rung are those that fall under this category: 'If you're doing a job an American won't do, you're welcome here for a period of time to do that job,'. I don't think most people realize that there is already such a program. If a worker sponsors you and "proves" that no American will do the job, he is free to apply for a work visa. The job that no American wants is of course one that pays miserable wages.

"The revenge of the mommy party"(Supposedly, in the shorthand of political positioning, Democrats are more concerned with nurturing, caring and domestic policy, while the Republicans care more about security.) a New York Times article on women candidates raises some interesting questions; namely if women are "weak" on foreign policy what are we to say of Condi Rice?

William Saletan writes a balanced article in the Slate on the difference between homosexual and poligamous marriage. He focuses the argument on human nature and economics. That is, jealousy is part of human nature and poligamy only exists in cultures where the male's economic power is predominant. I would have to agree except to say that to be fair there are a lot of "de facto" poligamous marriages, that men in our culture are still totally economically dominant. But this is the culture of the trophy wife and the money hungry woman who cares nothing but about her husband's bank account . So why not distribute his wealth a little bit around?

Huge blast rocks French college BBC reports, the cause not yet being known. The French are having a rather hard week!


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