Thursday, March 23, 2006

Taliban at Yale

Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi--a former ambassador-at-large of the murderous Afghan Taliban is going to Yale! Isn't that nice!
The former spokesman for the cowards that yanked women's nails out and shot them in stadiums gets to go to one of the most prestigious universities in the country. He has a fourth grade level education and a GED. He was admitted based on his personal curriculun I guess. I would guess that with the kind of reasoning Yale is using, GOebbels would be welcomed there. See story in Wall Street Journal.
See also article in The Boston Globe. From that article we have this preciousness:One striking aspect of this controversy is the reaction from Yale’s liberal community. Della Sentilles, a Yale senior, recently wrote a piece for the Yale Daily News denouncing such manifestations of rampant misogyny at Yale as the shortage of tenured female professors and poor childcare options. On her blog, a reader asked Sentilles about the presence at Yale of a former spokesman for one of the world’s most misogynistic regimes. Her reply: ‘’As a white American feminist, I do not feel comfortable making statements or judgments about other cultures, especially statements that suggest one culture is more sexist and repressive than another. American feminism is often linked to and manipulated by the state in order to further its own imperialist ends.” Ahahaha. Is this representative of what is going on in Academia!? Ms Sentilles, women, oppressed women the world over thank your exemplar cultural relativism. Female mutilation? Female beating and honor killings? Oh why not? Not everything is perfect in America either.
But here you can talk about it and get justice from the courts lady!
As a non WASP born in a fascist and sexist regime I am utterly discusted and ultimately outraged by statements of that nature!


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