Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bonobos, the brain and the minutemen

The Washington Post has lately been doing a series of stories on immigrants, especially Hispanic immigrants. This week in the Magazine a cover story on the Minutemen. We get to know a little bit about this group of inflamed citizens and their motivations. A couple of things stand out in the article. One member is a Canadian immigrant who became a citizen and for some weird reason thinks that her immigrant status is different from the Hispanics she so intently wants to keep out. Another is angry at the immigrants because his job is being outsourced to Mexico. Duh! Me thinks the target of his anger should be the executives who made the decision. But it's easier to vent on some poor and powerless campesino trying to find work here, than taking o the big guys. And finally the kkk and swastika jokes will not win them a lot of friends and ends up revealing the racists that they are. Militia action fed on ignorance is very dangerous.

This mysterious organ we possess but know so little about . Our brain!
Like the Grace Slick used to say You must feed your head, so here is a site with advice on precisely the feeding of your brain. Enjoy!

If I had a choice I would come back as a bonobo, because they have the most pleasant life of any primate or non primate. Check out their social structures. Why do we always use the chimps as reference? I say, let's emulate the bonobos!! They seem a whole lot smarter than the Minutemen.


Blogger pornstarpets said...

Hmm I used to like a punk rock band called the Minutemen, but I don't think I like this Minutmen group at all.

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