Wednesday, March 15, 2006

vaginal rejunenation ???

So, I start out by going to RobotWisdom and link to a site that has plastic surgery statistics for the US. Lo and behold the article gives us some very interesting numbers. I'll proceed to quote the experts:
"Vaginal rejuvenation, pectoral implants, buttock implants and calf augmentation have been touted in the media recently as the "hot" new procedures taking plastic surgery by storm. According to a statistics report released today in which the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) tracked these procedures for the first time, the reality is quite different from the hype. These unconventional procedures are being done infrequently, when compared to mainstream cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. "
The numbers are as follows: "In 2005, just 793 vaginal rejuvenation procedures were performed, according to ASPS statistics. Other "fringe" plastic surgery procedures tracked for the first time in 2005 were: buttock implants (542), calf augmentation (337) and pectoral implants (206). "
I thought, well what's 800 out of a population of 300 million? It's totally insignificant and not even noteworthy. But the LA Times has another perspective on it. They cite no data, claiming that it isn't available and make the vaginal reconstruction or reshaping or whatever you want to call it sound like it's the hottest new thing and that everyone and their neighbor is doing it. Get real! This is absolute bad jornalism!! It has less credibility than some of the stories of the rags about alien monsters. At least a lot of people claim to have seen them. More than a mere 800. the article, called Intimate Makeover , is once again an example of poorly research and hyped up jornalism. Shame on you LA Times!


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