Saturday, March 11, 2006

Immigrant voices

I am a bit surprised that the only media outlet that covered a massive march against the immigration bill that was passed by the House was the Drudge Report. This was a protest/peaceful march attended by between 100,000 and 300,000 people. Hopefully they will gather momentum and go on to other cities.
What a conumdrum, this immigration stuff. Americans want insourcing of what they can't outsource while at the same time having an easy scapegoat. Blame the foreigners has always worked. The opium smoking chinese, the dirty mafiosi italians, the red jews and now the violent prone, gang banger latinos. It's as if this country was reserved just for the anglo-saxonics...
Who built the railways, who worked in the sweatshops of New York, who is harvesting the fruit and processing the meat Americans eat. Who has been building all those houses that drove the construction boom and working in the heat of the restaurant kitchens throughout this land? Why, the lazy, dirty, criminal and violent prone latinos, of course. It's amazing they get any work done at all, with all those attributes. Why is New Orleans becoming a "brown town"? Certainly not because of its partying Mardi Grass fame, the only thing that seems to concern traditional Americans. No, the lazy latinos have not gone there to party! They've gone there to clean up in the aftermath of a major disaster and because no one else will. And for that, Congress (at least part of it) wants to turn them into felons. What kind people Americans sometimes are!


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