Thursday, March 09, 2006

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Thanks to the Daily Kos for this beautiful slide show from this Hubble Space Telescope Collage. Make sure you have the speakers on.
On Roger Waters' concert in Israel. I have always been a huge fan of Roger Waters so this does not surprise me:
Waters told the Guardian newspaper, "I have many fans in Israel, many of whom refuse to serve in the military. I won't cancel my trip to Israel because I don't agree with the government's policies, just as I won't stop performing in Britain simply because I disagree with the policies of Tony Blair.
"People who live in Israel are human beings, just like everyone."(thanks to An Unsealed Room)
A blog by Eurylochus , one of the Greek warriors in the Trojan War! (via kottke)

Finger soccer!!!

Duck! It’s A Flying Chick! How many chicks would a Chicken Chucker chuck if a Chicken Chucker could chuck chicks? At American Science catalog

Here is an interesting scientific perspective on moment of conception and life.

In the Washington Post an article by Richard Morin on the increasing rate of HIV infection in African Americans: "So powerful is the relationship between race, prison and AIDS that it almost completely explains why half of all new AIDS patients in 2002 were African Americans even though only 12 percent of the population is black; in 1982, African Americans made up less than a quarter of new AIDS cases. The link remained strong even after researchers controlled for factors associated with AIDS, including the use of crack cocaine, Raphael said."

Again in the Post a bit of utopian discourse by Mr. Jabari Assim. What is great about the utopian genre is its capacity to present us with a shift of paradigm. Which is what Mr. Assim does beautifully in this article and in the best tradition of Thomas Moore.


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