Tuesday, March 07, 2006

this is what a feminist looks like

We finally get honest about abortion. Men start getting heard on it . And what do they have to say in these days of "ho's"and "ditch the bitch"? Well, from Eschaton "It's time for more men to understand that getting rid of legal abortion increases by quite a lot the chance that one drunk evening will lead to 18 years of child support payments." and "Alternatively, it decreases the chance that they'll get laid." Now if only all men would realise that we might just have a chance of keeping abortion legal and safe! Because as the Daily Kos points out, "Choice isn't a woman-only issue".
Over at Women's news, pictures of "This is what a feminist looks like", (via Molly saves the day)
Also in that blog a scathing review of the mysogynist nature of the Oscar winner for best song. Ho's and pimps, nice pimps. Since when is it hip to give pimps a break?
A propos, the Washington Post has an interesting uptake on this: "...pimps who complain that "It's hard out here" can stand for all those people who complain willfully, scandalously, about things they have no right to complain about. and get this aaaaahhh am I reading correctly.."For an attractive woman to sing "It's hard out here for a pimp" suggests that the pimp has found sympathy, against the odds, in the form of a woman who will articulate his complaints for him. (and bring in the bacon I suppose). Not one mention in the whole article of the offensive nature of the lyrics. They are demeaning to blacks and to women period! Very demeaning!


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