Tuesday, March 07, 2006

International Woman's Day

International Woman's DayNo woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body. No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother.
Margaret Sanger
"In my heart, I think a woman has two choices: either she's a feminist or a masochist." —
Gloria Steinem
"Something which we think is impossible now is not impossible in another decade." —
Constance Baker Motley
Women need not always keep their mouths shut and their wombs open
Emma Goldman
"I am also very proud to be a liberal. Why is that so terrible these days? The liberals were liberators—they fought slavery, fought for women to have the right to vote, fought against Hitler, Stalin, fought to end segregation, fought to end apartheid. Liberals put an end to child labor and they gave us the five day work week! What's to be ashamed of?"—
Barbra Streisand
There is no female mind. The brain is not an organ of sex. As well speak of a female liver.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
.When motherhood becomes the fruit of a deep yearning, not the result of ignorance or accident, its children will become the foundation of a new race.
Margaret Sanger


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