Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wafa Sultan's message

Wafa Sultan's strong opinion on what is going on in the world of Islam has made it onto the New York Times. Although my reluctance to see things in black and white dictates that I listen to all sides, her argument, as stated here before is one of clarity and courage. It is the voice of a woman who speaks from the heart as from experience. Again excerpts from her interview on AL-Jazeera can be seen on . And of course, she is getting death threats! She is only voicing her opinion. Are these guys so insecure that they cannot take criticism.
What I have been taught about criticism throughout my life. If it applies, listen and use it for positive change, if it doesn't, discart it as someone else's issue and get on with your life.
Once again, I believe that in the long run the old aphorism that words are stronger than stones will prevail. No human cause gains from abject ignorance and fanaticism.


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