Friday, July 31, 2009

Touro College

As previously stated, one month's respite from Touro College is feeling somewhat good, but I really enjoy my classes there. Touro College has what I feel are indispensable characteristics for a School of Social Work at a Master's level. I know I'll be complaining about the overload with school and work and internship, but in the end it all works out. Prof. Elhanon Marvit is absolutely the best! A wonder of a man, an excellent, dedicated and challenging teacher, he truly is. as he says, a social worker, but also a scholar of social work. Thank You
It sounds like I'm pushing the school, but no, these are my musings and this is what I feel today.

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Blogger elie marvit said...

Thank you for this kind compliment.I attempted to call you but your phone was not accepting messages.

I was surprised (pleasantly), when your Blog posting was passed on to me by the Public Relations Director of Touro College. She sent your early morning posting to Dean Huberman and all I got was a "cc."

It was a joy to see and hear you in my class. For only a few months ago, I interviewed you for admission,, registered you for the courses and now have taught you. This completes a delightful and nachas(joy of watching ones students grow or getting to know them better) filled trifecta.

Thank you again and have a restful relaxing and meaningful respite.

Elie Marvit

4:42 PM  

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