Thursday, January 03, 2008

On Hillary's side tonigh

Tonight is One of the defining moments for Hillary. Not THE defining one, but an important one nonetheless. Whatever the outcome of tonight's decisions by Iowa voters, the road ahead is long and full of turns and twists. An election is never a linear process where the pundits try to play divinities by guessing the outcome of the election. Someone will of course be right. The many opinions, the ads, the insults, the positions of the adversaries, all that will come into play in the future. One has to bear in mind that Hillary is a very well organized woman, intelligent and experienced and she will always be up to par to whatever situations arise. And let's not also forget that she has the Clinton Midas touch on her side. Those two, whatever their failings have stuck with each other through thick and thin. Is this not an excelent example of American perseverance and show of the real values Americans hold so dear to their hearts. When Hillary comes to Denver to the Convention I believe that her only duty will be to carefully choose a running mate. Maybe Bill ???Wouldn't the American people love that. Unfortunately it smells too much of old world politics. Too bad...Because as everyone around here says, "we were all making a lot of money during the Clinton years.And don't forget that old campaign slogan"It's the economy, stupid!"

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