Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Net surfing

I am sitting at home, waiting for a package which will deliver some gifts I have bought for my daughter. My door bell does not work so I have to sit here, looking out the window in the hopes of catching the UPS guy. Why, oh why is my land lord not fixing my door bell. should I withhold the rent check until he does so? it is so irritating. But this is the reason for this long post.

Now that the annapolis conference is upon us, no harm would coe from reading this article on crescent anti-semitism in the world 9that includes this here country). The title is ominous "The Silence of the Lambs" but very apropos.

A map of the ratio of doctors per inhabitant in the world. Very telling of the state of health affairs in the world.

The most amazing cakes I have ever set my googly eyes on!!!

An alternative to babel fish is the new interactibe online dictionary Lingro. The amount of languages is still limited, but it is a great concept with a great future.

The Waiter Rant blog is still as good as ever.

So is Chef Zorba's restaurant in Denver, Colorado.

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