Sunday, January 21, 2007

on a snowy sunday

Under the beautiful page of the "sombrero galaxy" I will try to update this blog with some of the current events, links and gerenal info I found most interesting. To start with, WasPost George Will's column on Barney Frank's politics should make all conservatives stop, shudder and most important of all, think.

Here is the link to the GetHuman page, where it is possible to find some help in surmounting the insanity that is calling any public service, corporation or gov't agency. It describes the steps to take to get a real person on the phone right away instead of 15 minutes and 35,000 transfers later. My onw personal best was calling Comcast to add a service and being transfered to personnel payroll at Netflix. How weird is that?

The formula for fiding your level of proscratination:U = E x V / I x D, where U is the desire to complete the task; E, the expectation of success; V, the value of completion; I, the immediacy of task; and D, the personal sensitivity to delay. The site that writes all about it!

And for now, having other tasks at hand, I must leave this wonderful world of blogging and attend to them.


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