Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Imagine Earth without people! That is exactly what Bob Holmes does in an article for New Scientist.
Elucidative map of Middle East politics in the last few milennia. A must for most of us.. and them ...
THANK YOU Nancy Applebaum at the WasPost for so elequantly point a very obvious cultural argument. We respect other people's cultural differences, as long as it doesn't imply violence in against women and children, so please accept ours. Nothing does get my blood going more than seeing a fully covered woman. Free will? In some , I'de say a minority of cases. Otherwise, look at what goes on in Saudi Arabia or the long gone Taliban regime, and then talk to me about free will for women. I challenge all the women wearing veils to go live in societies where they are obligatory and not an option.
Help this woman recover her WEB GEEK plate. I would be bummed too.


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