Monday, July 24, 2006

I support Israel

I support

Because they have the internationally recognized right to be there.

Because they have been a country since 1947.

Because the Jews as a people have as much claim as anyone else to that land and certainly more than any Islamic state.

Because they took a barren inhospitable land and made it what it is today with the sweat of their brows and the blood of their people.

I support Israel, not because of some messianic rapturistic fantasy, but because they, like most other countries that have been created in the last 70 years have been recognized by the UN, have a right to exist and no other country, near or far, has the right to deny them their existence or threaten them without expecting any response.

I support Israel because it is a country with human beings that is surrounded by hate mongers who feed on anti semitism to press on with their agenda.

As has been over and over stated, this is not about Palestinians, whom nobody not even their Islamic brothers want, but about the pursuit of the Jihad, the holy war started by Mahomed in the 7th century.

In fact, the Israelis did not go into the Middle East at some remote time as the Moors did when they invaded the Iberic Peninsula. They have been there as long as any other people and there are plenty of records, jewish and otherwise to prove it.

I support the Israeli people in their struggle to defend themselves. Just as there was a movement to support Denmark, I hope that there is a movement in the blogosphere to support Israel.

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