Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Heavenly music and earthly infernos

Cat's paw nebula
LIstening to The Bulgarian Women's Choir Angelite at 5 in the AM...
I really dislike the new lay out of Slate but still like to read it. On working women, as if most of us had a choice not to!
Blogging the Bible continues...interesting as ever

I take Ruth Marcus' opinions very seriously and when she questions the alleged victim's consistence and history, I naturally read with much attention. Nevertheless, inthis case, it would seem to me that she is basing her assertions on the defense's information. Now these lawyers were contracted to do the job that they are acheiving magnificently: that of having a media trial where the desacreditation of the woman is total.

The whoring from which doctors, as human beings are not exempt, is revealed in this N.Y. Times article on the promiscuity between bio technology companies and doctors/"researchers". For when the dethroning of doctors as demi gods. And how that affect us all...detrimentally, I must add...

Hooters against animal euthanasia??WTF...bikini babe contest for animal shelter fund raising.. with government support...only in LALALand... they dropped the idea...

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."-Voltaire
"We disapprove of what you say," the censors tell him, "and we will suppress your right to say it, even long after your death."
Fanaticism or Mahomed the Prophet, a Tragedy by Voltaire. I know there is an english edition but it sure is hard to find....I suppose I can read it in french

Subway gropers, beware - next time you cop a feel, you might be feeling a cop.

Local (Denver) gossip: Fake New world smusingly described in Westword
I didn't even know there was a "real" one!!!

Blogger suicide and the vitriol some blogs seem to attract.

And Israel is all over the Newspapers again...

And in World Cup new...France is in...and the quarter finals should gives good football/soccer. Portugal vs England saturday morning and I think Germany will win the Cup. And that they go to the finals with Brazil..


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