Wednesday, June 14, 2006

eugenics and other stuff

Joe Apology, the web version of the confessionary booth. Kind of like the post a secret blog, I guess.
International Dialects of English Archives good for linguists actors and teachers.
Flying Dude. Wow!!
A review, pretty negative I might add of a Timothy Leary, the man who manged to infuriate the government, women and the left by defying the first, mistreating the second and selling down the river the third.
The eugenics debate revisited XXI st century version...Aldous Huxley Senior had a lot to say about it. People cannot distinguist between plausible association and clear cut causal relation. The gene discussion is on the plausible association level and should so remain. To quote Emerson "The element running through entire nature, which we popularly call Fate, is known to us as limitation. Whatever limits us, we call Fate" from The Contingency Table a blog on genetics.
And Emerson's take on statistics is brilliant:'One more fagot of these adamantine bandages, is, the new science of Statistics. It is a rule, that the most casual and extraordinary events -- if the basis of population is broad enough -- become matter of fixed calculation. It would not be safe to say when a captain like Bonaparte, a singer like Jenny Lind, or a navigator like Bowditch, would be born in Boston: but, on a population of twenty or two hundred millions, something like accuracy may be had."
This breast feed or else article on the Times is simply creepy!So women should behave as if they were potentially pregnat all the time I 've seen advocated. This shit is as bad as anything the Taliban can come up with.
The rash of overdose deaths in the Midwest are being attributed to the drug Fentanyl, a very powerful short duration analgesic used in many medical procedures. What makes it attractive to heroin users is its intensity. The short duration problem is overcome with the heroin cut which has a longer lasting effect. The intensity of the "rush" is why a junkie, never one to worry about such insignificant factors as death or paralisys, seeks it out . The stronger the drug the better the buzz is the working formula here, not the stronger the dose the likelier it is to kill you. Many junkies are reluctant to use narcan or naloxone on a fellow tripper because it brings on very intense withdrawal symptoms along with its life saving properties. And a violent and instant withdrawal is a junkie's worst nightmare, worse than death, 'cuase death they don't know what it feels like but withdrawal they do and it's horrible.
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