Sunday, June 04, 2006


A profile of Oriana Fallaci in the New Yorker. Here is she at her best in a 1979 interview with Khomeini: ...Fallaci saw an opening, and charged in. If you do not like Islamic dress you are not obliged to wear it. Because Islamic dress is for good and proper young women“That’s very kind of you, Imam. And since you said so, I’m going to take off this stupid, medieval rag right now.” She yanked off her chador.
... And, as Fallaci sees it, the “art of invading and conquering and subjugating” is “the only art at which the sons of Allah have always excelled.”
Fallaci sees the threat of Islamic fundamentalism as a revival of the Fascism that she and her sisters grew up fighting.
She might ave become a somewhat senile and hysteric old woman, but she speaks her mind with out fear of consequences. And against Islamic fundamentalism, she joins a small rank of women who seem to be the only ones to have the courage to do so. maybe because they know how much we all would have to loose, under the Caliphat as dreamed up by Islamic expansionists. Critice America for being agressive. Look at the long history of IslamHenry Kissinger on football/soccer:
Soccer at its highest level is a game of complicated simplicity. As he well mentions one never looses the bond established in childhood with our team. It is said that you can change country, change spouse but never change your team. It's a fun anddelighteful piece.

and tomorrow is the day of the beast 666 =www?


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