Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Saudi women in the Post

Sharia justice for women as demonstrated in the above picture
Regarding this article in the WasPost on the condition of women in Saudi Arabia, I wonder if a leading Saudi paper would carry a story on women in the west claiming that our ways are much better. It doesn't seem so, which leads me to believe that the reason women flee from Islamic ruled countries to the west but western women are not all that thrilled about even visiting those places, is that we have a lot more choices. Choices that has made the lot of american women at the present time, the best of any generation ever. Maybe there is a reason for the fact that the women in the article all seem to be well off. Undoubtably, they can just get on a plane, shed their veils and tryst around the corrupted West to shop and divert themselves. Their poorer sisters get stuck with a lifetime of veiled existence and honor killings as well as stonings to death. Is that a liberating notion? The Koran is not a peaceful book, Muhamed was not a peaceful man, and Islam has expanded so greatly since its inception in the 700's through very agressive campaigns and bloody warfare.


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