Thursday, May 25, 2006

viral memes

Dead sea Mud
Memorial Weekend activities in Denver.
Computer virus activity throughout the
description of numbers o to 69.
Article on the
CSM on the Caliphad, that deranged dream that one day all the world will be an Islamic hegemony. They're serious too!
Blogging the Bible project continues, already on the 37th chapter. Fascinating reading. It was all about real estate and brothers bickering, just like it still is now. By the way, as an aside what claim does Islam have over the Middle East I question. It was imposed by force and not autoctone to the whole region. yes Mahumad violently dominated tribe after tribe in his jihad and dreams of world domination. Yeah, nice peaceful philosophy.
Tough Jews about the history of jews and organized crime in America. Why do the Sicilians get all the credit?


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