Tuesday, May 16, 2006

vaginal rejuvenation part II

Since this post is about protecting borders and hidden treasures I thought this image as metaphor...
Tom Shales of the
WasPost sums up last night's speech as just more spin to detract from more uncomfortable issues. It will all hopefully be solved by a few thousand troops on the border and with inflated and twisted statistical data so that nothing really happens until November. I din't watch the "postmortem pontifications" but I suspect they were all reruns.
Pharyngula has a few things to say about Vox's solution to the immigration problem. Can someone explain to me what a libertarian christian is? Is it like the DaVinci code?

Vaginal rejuvenation or genital mutilation right here in America, performed not by an aunt or other relative but by a doctor. This issue has been covered
here before, but it seems that it keeps popping up. This Houstonpress article is creepy. The interviews with women who've had alterations done are horrifying. That in post modern and post feminist America (whatever that might mean) women will subject themselves to the most excrutiating pain to please a man is daunting. Porn star vaginas? Virginity revisited 4 times? G-spot augmentation. Hell, most women think it's a myth and nobody seems to know where it is...but here are some memorable excerps:
All got the combined vaginal tightening and labial reduction surgeries, and attest that the recovery was brutal. "My face-lift was a walk in the park compared to that," St. Germaine says. Jill is more graphic: "I looked down there and saw ground meat."
"Young compares Matlock's Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute franchise to McDonald's. But it's more like Kentucky Fried Chicken, since Matlock claims to have the secret recipe for enhancing female orgasms. "
And last but not least "Another American doctor, speaking on condition of anonymity, says he reconstructed the hymen of a 28-year-old Iranian woman four times. On each occasion, the same man accompanied her and paid for the surgery. The couple was having premarital sex, the doctor explains, but the woman "wanted to be ready" when her parents picked her mate. "That's expensive sex," the doctor muses." Wew, yuck...


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