Saturday, May 06, 2006

late saturday

two universities: Duke and NCCU

Annie Hull writes a touching account in the WasPost of the "alleged" Duke rape. It is Les Droits du Seigneur revisited. It is a very real face of America.

Pfizer goes Mengelian on African children and then declares that "It is important to point out, though, that Pfizer thought proper procedure had been followed at the time of the clinical study." WTF? What kind of defense is that? They thought? Meanwhile the antibiotic they were experimenting with, Trovan did get approval for adult use in the US as having been wwidelly used for a few years until proven dangerous, I'm sure enabled the company to make the billion they were expecting. Yuck Read the story here.

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I am a rabid fan of Waiter Rant. How does he do it. Working all those hours and writing such beautiful stuff.


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