Monday, April 24, 2006

Noah and global warming

It's a puzzle about the DaVinci Code. I'm going to love this cultural memetic obsession. What secrets does this book hold that has given it such a stronghold on Western civilization? I really haven't a clue. Unless it's the idea of little Jesuses running around presumably running the world. Or the personification of evil within the members of Opus Dei, an extremely wealthy and influencial fringe Catholic semi secret brotherhood. Maybe the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa. Dunno!

Scientists striving to create the perfect warrior are researching the tongue as a superior transmiter. Yes, yes, it helps make the sounds we normally call speech, but what they're focusing on, is sensory augmentation for military uses. I guess like a snake. TZZZZZ

I'm not a scientist so I'm somewhat ignorant but also skeptical of doomsayers who are constantly proclaiming the end of the world. It's global cooling, it's global warming, it's another version of the biblical tale of the flood. These myths are more pervasive than we think!

The diagram at right was taken from a paper that has a nifty explaination for the history of the global warming scare. According to its author, it was created as a tool to help Margaret Tatcher become a more influencial leader. I suppose it took on a life of its own. But one way or another, we all love to see cities submerged and the ocean levels rising. I'm surprised there aren't more Noahs out there.

Gene Robinson of the WasPost tackles the Duke case in its social, class and racial dynamics. He questions why it would be acceptable for students to hire strippers for a party, as well as the strippers' recourse to such a dangerous and psychologically damaging "profession". Because, Mr. Robinson, we are apparently living a culture of smut, where parents find it normal that their children spend hours holed up in their rooms surfing the web for the most outlandish porn sites. Where Lacrosse players' girl friends are called "Lacrossitutes",where Rush Limbaud can make a joke about "them hos". But as seen by this story, the woman in this whole mess isn't the only victim. She is rather the most visible face of a culture that values violent mysogynism in the name of sexual liberation. One cannot disassociate these men's behavior with the white rich male privilege mentality. Les droits du seigner are indeed alive and well.


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