Monday, April 17, 2006

Women, that great selling machine. Beautiful women on the covers, sick women in the articles. What a strange dichotomy. While the covers of magazines use beautiful bodies and faces to sell, the inside stories tell another tale. Women more than men are more prone to worry, to sleep less, to have eating disorders, dimentia, mental distress, stress disorders, health problems in general, anxiety, mental instabilility and the list goes on. Men it seems only have a few things afflicting them: impotente or PED and that's treatable with a nifty little pill, cronic crime and they go to jail and violence and that behavior is encouraged. Women on the other hand have to worry about being too short, too fat, too ugly, too smart, to ambitious, bad skin, bad knees, small breasts or wrongly shaped ones, being a good mother, wage earner, lover, friend, nurturer, caretaker and the list goes on....Yes that above mentioned dichotomy makes full sense. So this week's Newsweek magazine treats us to yet another story on women's health issues. On the "Quest for Rest" yet another absolutely superficial article on yet another female dysfunction. Which gives a good reason to read “Why?” (Princeton; $24.95), the Columbia University scholar Charles Tilly's sociological analysis of conventions.The review in the New Yorker makes for interesting read.

Take a look at UNESCO's list of cultural and natural heritage sites.
Memepool's mention of a book of ebonics to japanese translation. It is delicious and hysterically funny.

Stanton Peele, America's foremost critic of the addiction treatment industry gives an interview in the Guardian. He's very critical of the American Alcoholics Anonymous (twelve step programs) only approach to addiction management. Check out why.

Very riveting artlicle on the Duke rape case in Vegankid. Sad state of affairs.


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