Saturday, April 08, 2006

the importance of class

She merits a good life
Yes, the myth of the boy crisis is just that, a myth. In an article by Caryl Rivers and Rosalind Chait Barnett in The Washington Post , the theories abounding of the discrimination boys suffer in the present class rooms are debunked one by one. Class, that great divider, has a lot more influence on scholastic achievement than does gender. Rich kids have better results because they attend better schools. Period! As for the major differences in brain architecture, not enough is really known about it, to extract theories from it. Again I say, throughout the ages this present model of learning has been more or less the same. Women, it was said, did not have sufficiently large brains to be able to learn and were barred from universities. A mere 100 years ago, higher education was the realm of rich men. Schooling hasn't changed, mentalities have been slowly forced to it. But the sexism and racism do persist.

Also on the
Post, an article on the Monday March to protest the House Bill that would turn about 12 million illegal immigrants and all those who would in any way aid them into felons. Why Monday, though? The article explores the new found Hispanic activism and unity and compares it to the civil rights explosion of the 60's. We'll see how it goes and what effect it might have.


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