Tuesday, April 04, 2006

If I had a hammer...

The The Ser-Venn-Ity Prayer
"King Solomon once searched for a cure against depression. He assembled his wise men together. They meditated for a long time and gave him the following advice: Make yourself a ring and have thereon engraved the words "This too will pass."The King carried out the advice. He had the ring made and wore it constantly. Every time he felt sad and depressed, he looked at the ring, whereon his mood would change and he would feel cheerful"
King Solomon's wisdom
(via A Jolly Socratic Science)
Remember this Mr. Delay and Ms McKinnley!

Video-WMP Abramoff wants to be Delay when he grows up!
Video-WMP Delay tribute (if I had a hammer)

Matzah! Passover hip hop! (via An Unsealed Room)

Jamaica's first female prime minister, Portia Simpson-Miller. "her election has brought a whiff of possibility," and the
Pan Collective says that "it is her matronly persona that won over even the most sexist of men, who will always have a soft space in their heart for their mamas."

She doesn't look very matronly to me. Just a dynamic, with it beautiful woman.

Playboy model beats top mutual funds in Q1 in some kind of contest to prove women can't show teir tits and be smart. Not true, whatever that means. Being beuatiful just means you don't have to use your brains to get attention a lot of the times, it doesn't mean you don't have them!

How to smelt metal and create little silver fishes in a microwave. (don't try it at home)

No botox, no silicone. Just Imposing Afros and bell bottoms, and a group of people having fun dancingto Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" on Soul Train.

Calling the beautiful, amazing, brilliant things people create online "user-generated content" is like sliding up to your lady, putting your arm around her and whispering, "Hey baby, let's have intercourse." (via Powazek)

Pin-up interview. Naked science!


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