Thursday, March 30, 2006


Prayer study results show that long distance praying has no affect on outcome of illness. Although many studies have suggested that praying for oneself may reduce stress, research into praying for others who may not know they are the subject of prayers has been much more controversial.Washington Post

Also in the Post full coverage of the immigartion issue with links to most of the pieces written lately, a transcript of Tancredo's interview in the paper as well as a profile of said man.

I am just so happy with the explanation on the killing of baby seals. The Slate enlightens us with a clear description of a pup seal killing. Why do they club seals is the article. Do not read if you are sensitive to this sort of thing. Oh the lovely coats those pelts will be turned into!

"In partitioning the population of the world into those belonging to "the Islamic world," "the Western world," "the Hindu world," "the Buddhist world," the divisive power of classificatory priority is implicitly used to place people firmly inside a unique set of rigid boxes. Other divisions (say, between the rich and the poor, between members of different classes and occupations, between people of different politics, between distinct nationalities and residential locations, between language groups, etc.) are all submerged by this allegedly primal way of seeing the differences between people." In Slate "What Clash of Civilizations".

Keep the text, teach the text, and only then, if you must, deconstruct the text. It's true for literature and it's true for history.


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