Tuesday, March 28, 2006

As the world turns

Of course by now everyone has seen it but I will post it anyway. The original (clearer picture) is on the author's site Stephanie Mcmillan, and is being auctioned off on e-bay. The bidding is up to about 200 bucks and the author will donate the money for the good cause of helping women.

Woman with perfect memory. Imagine the comments that this will stir up from disgruntled males who complain of women's inability to forget minor details. Is this woman a mutation and a preview of what's to come?

AlJazeera has an extensive article on the "Zionist Conspiracy". Nothing written is new. What stands out is the attribution of WWII to the Zionists who controled Germany and other Western Nations. Boy did that ever backfire! No mention of the Holocaust that caused the death of 6 million of those same Jews, Gypsies, gays and nonconformists. Yeah a lot of Jews control banks and media but so do the English and the Arabs and the Japanese and China is getting up there and so on and so forth. Amazing the power attributed to these Jews. They have to be really good! Oh it's title is "The Five Dancing Jews". Only five? I saw thousands of Arabs dancing on the streets when 9/11 happened!

different way of looking at the world; Immigration destinations:

Other maps are the shift in population in the last 2,00 years and in the next 300.


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