Friday, March 24, 2006

cultural tidbits

The White House and Amnesty International are pressing the Afghan Government to not sentence a man to death for converting to Christianity. It's Sharia, the Koran based set of laws that calls for the killing of those who choose to leave "the fold". Yes, my country of origin did that 500 years ago to the Jews and Muslims. With the same religous fervor. 500 years ago!

"Back in the 1950s, analysis was a status symbol and a mark of sophistication, a role filled in society today by cosmetic surgery." What an interesting insight from Newsweek's cover of Freud.

test. My score is too embarrasing to list here. Ego crush!! I do think that some of the questions and answers are a bit absurd!

Garcia da Orta (a fellow countryman)
Garcia da Orta once owned the island of Bombay and maintained a medicinal herb garden at what is now the Veeramata Jeejabai Bhonsle Udyan (Victoria Gardens) in Byculla (via A Jolly Socratic Science)

For the hiking types: How to survive a cold night out with no tent and prove that you're not a wussy (via swissmiss)


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