Monday, March 27, 2006

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Does prayer (the act) help in healing or are people who pray more prone to lead healthier lifestyles that accelerate the onset of the body's response to illness and helps prevent its onset.
Mormons are not healthier because of their religion, but because of the rules dictated by their religion. "notions of distant prayer or distant healing" can be incorporated in "The Butterfly Effect" paradigm, I suppose. There are various studies being done to try to quantify the possible influence of prayer in healing.

Immigration bill being argued today in the Senate. Will the Senate come up with any concrete laws before elections? Will they risk alienating 40 million hispanic potential voters? Will they cave in to the bigotry of a couple of cranks? Can they pass laws that will make it impossible to stay in the US for illegal immigrants and how will 10 million illegals leaving affect the economy. Is it viable. Will the country have to turn into a prison state to enforce such laws. Are the protests helping the immigrant cause or being counter productive? These are all questions that will be on the politicians minds as they tackle this sticky issue.


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