Monday, March 27, 2006

Immigration Jupiter

Eugene Robinson tackles the immigration conundrum beautifully in a op-ed in the Washington Post. Maybe because he belongs to a group of human beings that were also considered and still are at times "Those people".
He talks of the invisibility of "Those people".
The invisible black and Latina women who get on buses at 5 a.m. spreading through the rich suburbs to do chores no white woman wants or will do no matter what the wage. You see it in public transportation. The dawn minorities and the 9am WASPs. You see it in the restaurants. The white sits at the table the black and the brown running around. You see it in the flow of neighborhoods. The browns and the blacks fill the spaces that the whites vacate during the day. And fill them up again when the whites go home. The timings of work are different. So are the times of leisure.It is as if in a strangely symbiotic co-dependent relationship they occupy parallel universes, aware of the other in his "Other-ness". The Greeks called all foreigners barbarians, which meant, those who do not share our language. We run the risk of all becoming barbarians to each other.
Slate a very good point is made: ...Unpublished Author, the blog of a writer-wannabe from Tennessee, is proud of the marchers. Comparing them to immigrant communities that have held protests in France and Australia recently, he notes, "No matter what you think about amnesty for illegals and border control, it says great things about our country that our immigrants protest not because they want to tear us down, but because they want to be like us."
On other fronts, the Afghan government has declared the Christian they were set to behead for converting, insane.
Pakistan has brothels, those holier than thou "Americans are perverted sex addicted heathen creatures"? See video in
N.Y. Times.
Why is the literacy rate for Nepalese and that new PC country Bhutanese women among the lowest in the world? You would think all the enlightened tourism would have noticed. As long as they get their sherpas to carry their packs so they can play in the eternal snows of the Everest...
What the hell are Zombie raves. I guess I'll Google it!

Strange perspective of Jupiter


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