Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Of this world

For some good cold hard facts on the movements of people everywhere it is worth it to check out the Migration Policy Institute.

A totally cool
sound clip collection. It has film sound clips, tv show clips and theme songs and wacky weird songs from qualifying conditions for redneck status to the Lumber jack song from Monty Python (Thank you sooo much, Blog soup)

A good article from the
Guardian on Dubai, the city that wants to become the Manhattan of the XXI century. At a crossroads between Europe and China with immense cash flow from the oil economies and a "progressive outlook on modernity, it is striving to be "not the modern centre of the Arab world but, more than that, the Arab centre of the modern world." Maybe a new Islamic/Arab renaissance could stem from that.

1985 - is the first registered domain in history
1985 - Earliest domains to be registered -,,,,,,,,,,

Guard the borders and face facts
"And conservatives should favor reducing illegality by putting illegal immigrants on a path out of society's crevices and into citizenship by paying fines and back taxes and learning English. Faux conservatives absurdly call this price tag on legal status "amnesty." Actually, it would prevent the emergence of a sullen, simmering subculture of the permanently marginalized, akin to the Arab ghettos in France. The House-passed bill, making it a felony to be in the country illegally, would make 11 million people permanently ineligible for legal status. To what end?" Geoge Will one of the right's darlings has a very intelligent op-ed piece on immigration in the
Washington Post
Also in the
Post David Broder analysis of the immigration issue. He debunks the myth that legal immigrants resent the illegals, a myth that was disproven with the huge weekend demonstration.
Among other factor unveiled by a survey he had access to was the fact that two-thirds of the legal immigrants believe that anti-immigrant sentiment is growing in the United States, and more than half said it has affected them and their families personally. Racism against Latino and Asian immigrants is blamed by more than six out of 10 for fueling this development.

Link to the transcript of question and answer forum in the Post last week with Noam Chomsky.

In India a doctor was sentenced to two years in jail for disclosing the sex of a fetus, a practice that in India has resulted in the abortion of over 20 million female fetuses. Although the practice of ultrasounds to determine a fetuse's sex is illegal, it is done routinely and with the complacency and even colaboration of the medical profession, as for the most part they are the owners of the clinics. Maybe this will send a message.

A short but great interview with Bonnie Fuller editor of various magazines and tabloids. She insists that women don't have to strive to be perfect.

Cassini photo essay at the Nasa site.


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