Monday, April 03, 2006

More Monday

Molly Saves the Day's fab ad for the Chevy Tahoe. Yes, I'm a Talking Heads fan.
And the ones over at Autoblog
I guess the challenge that Chevy launched hasn't come out the way they dreamt!
You can still make your own!

Time and again I have inserted the immigration debate within the larger context of International economic politics. Time magazine superficially deals with the harm NAFTA has done and why it increased immigration into the States. Immigration is the cover of this wek's issue.
As is Newsweek 's.
Thanks to Pharyngula, we can have hope for the future of this great nation. Yes, Steven Bennet, a minister, musician and "loving husband and father", was once not only a homosexual, but a drug fiend and bulimic as well, with many homosexual freinds who died of AIDS. He was cured by a Bible thumper who came to his door and showed him the light. And now he thinks that all homos and dope fiends should die! There you go oh men of Christian faith!
To quote his wisdom filled site:
"First and foremost, SBM encourages men and women to successfully and permanently overcome their unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA.) SBM firmly believes no one is born homosexual; that inmost cases, unnatural homosexual attractions tragically develop early on in the childhood; and by biblically dealing with the root cause(s) of one's same-sex attraction, homosexuality can be completely overcome - just as drug addiction, alcoholism or any other sinful behavior. Men and women can then effectively move on to healthy heterosexuality - as part of God's natural, perfect design and plan for man and woman." And I guess never want to do drugs or over eat again because they'll be engaging in so much fun Hetero love!

All this through plenty of Hetero love I suppose!. Dan Savage, you hear?

The Pakistani Daily Times is running a story inicially covered by the N.Y. Times about Mukhtar Mai, a woman who was raped and decided to fight back, inspiring other women in that part of the world to do the same. And of course, like other women of courage, there is a prize on her head!

Flying cows save a planet.

More on the economics of immigration on the Washington Post. How Hispanics are not only changing the demographics of a Georgia town. Can't live with them, can't function without'em...over and over again.

The importance of radio in the hispanic community, also on the Post.


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