Tuesday, April 04, 2006

art and people

Portas de sol
Vieira da Silva, one of my favorite painters

Massachusetts' new move on health insurance could be a precursor to the abyss that is health coverage in this country. Maybe Hillary will win after all!

Paris Hilton as Mother Theresa ought to be interesting. And a challenge to any tall actress to pass for a 4 foot something shriveled up old woman in the streets of New Delhi was it? Now, I think that Paris Hilton gets an awful lot of bad press because she is a woman and has cjallenge society's rules of the good girl image. But nevertheless, it's just plain bad casting. I wonder what all the catholics are thinking now? f there were catholic fatwas. You know, Holy Inquisition for actuality, the promoters would be in deep poop. As it were, it's just a pretty good media campaign.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Read it and weep!


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