Wednesday, April 05, 2006

memes and more memes

President Bush is betting $500 million that poor women are better off having a man than holding a job.
Ladies, forget the career, this administration will help you find a man and get you out of the poverty hole!

How sad that we have to once again, go on the offensive about what was assumed to be a basic right! Ripon College is selling these t-shirts to protest the various attempts at banning people's control of procreation.

Google real estate!

About the Open Directory Project

Film: The Toilet

Sleeping Latino Giant Awakens; coverage on the Post of new Latino activism.

According to the N.Y. Times, a deal was kind of reached tonight on the immigratin bill, with several senators implying that no deal will go forward this year. Of course, elections and all, what a handy issue to stir emotions without actually resolving anything. More of the same!

On the Avian flu front: Writing in the journal Nature, the scientists also urge people living in areas where the A(H5N1) virus has infected poultry and other birds to keep their cats indoors. Yeah, it's kind of like herding them!

Musak and the memes it inserts in your brain! In the New Yorker


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