Monday, April 10, 2006


How does one pray in this church in Portugal

How does one live in these houses in the Netherlands?

Waiter rant, the blog extremely well written by a New York Waiter, gets better every day.

gold bullion bubble story again. I'm old enough I dare say to have seen it happen a few times already. What goes up must come down and vice versa applies also to the markets, no doubt. attempts to clear up all those urban legends circulating in every city I have ever lived in(quite a few). They are all the same, they all happened to a friend of a friend and I have found myself in situations where I attempted to dismiss them for what they are, just to be told that they are absolute true because this friend of a friend actually exixts and is not a liar. I, on the other hand am a spoil sport. Thank you!

Pro tips for better blogging. My business sense is null but I will read it and maybe I will learn something!

How does a 44 year old woman like myself loose weight? What a maddening f*cking struggle! I run around all day, I eat but two meals a day, I don't sit in front of the TV. I mean, what is it. Does the air I breathe have calories? Do I imbibe calories with each breath I take. I am not striving for waifish Kate Moss profile. Just somethinh I could look at and find more shapely. Awful the abundance of food and the variety and the want to be slimmer. And the european farmer stock and genes can't help I suppose. But damn, all my grandparents became skinnier as their got older. And my father is skeletal. American food has some secret that bloats you. It is not just the quantity, it is also the quality! There! I ranted on my weight!

On the brighter side I have discovered outlaw country music! And Wak the line has become of of my all time favorite movie.


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