Friday, April 14, 2006

so sad, I prefer visual illusions...

This site is so fun it should be illegal. Optical illusions or as they prefer to call them, visual illusions acumulated over the years by Michael Bach. Fantastic mind benders without the bad side effects. (ahahah) Check it out!

Over at the Daily Kos thoughts of Mexico on Passover.

I find it somewhat strange that in these days of intense spiritual activity, some of my fav sites are talking about; pornography at Molly Saves the Day; oral sex and the damage done to girls at An Unsealed Room, with a reference to the review by Caitlin Flanagan of the book "The Rainbow Party". Is the oral sex craze an urban myth or a reality?
"The question is this: How, exactly, in the course of thirty years, did we get from Katherine to Gin? How did we go from a middle-class teenage girl (fictional but broadly accurate) who will have sex only if it's with her boyfriend, and only if her pleasure is equal to his, to a middle-class teenage girl (a gross media caricature reflective of an admittedly disturbing trend) who wants to kneel down and service a series of boys?"
I would have other questions. How did porn go from back alley dirty to mainstream glamour?
And could it not be that it's just our crumy society's way of mainstreaming Lolita fantasies in an acceptable context.
How do we women go about enpowering ourselves sexually? Certainly not with with the stuff going on at Hooters.


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