Thursday, April 13, 2006 al

How I miss DC's bursting in color in the Spring!

Gene Robinson at the Washington Post has used the best metaphor I've read yet of the whole immigrant debate:" illegal behavior." Let's be real: We're talking about behavior that our society has encouraged and exploited. It would be like a police officer who flags you down, says it's an emergency, asks you to drive him across town as fast as possible and then writes you a ticket for speeding."
The changing and hardly spoken face of illegal immigration in The N. Y. Times

The benefit Jews could derive from knowledge of "Gospel dynamics". As would Christians, I suppose, benefit from "Talmudic dynamics". We all benefit when we understand our common cultural ancestry.

Ibogaine, one of the many options available for addiction treatment. As valid as any other.

On the Front Range Spring is starting to appear and little have I benefitted from it. Bed ridden for two days with all the symptoms of bad hay fever or someone's cute flu viruses passed onto me. I'm praying I will get better 'cause this is hell.


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