Sunday, April 23, 2006

We are the champions

F.C.P. has done again. National champions!! (my roots)

Another take on the war on drugs. Now that Oxycodin has become a major concern as a black market drug, doctors want to maintain control of what they believe is their responsability to the patient, not the DEA. This WasPost article brings some rationality to the discussion on substance abuse.

"You can't expect people to operate in a vacuum outside of popular culture." Dov Charney of American Apparel on America's cultural schisms in an
article on the N. Y. Times. He conveys the impression that he has been able to fuse popular culture and smut and making it acceptable to a mainstream audience. The American Apparel site is certainly interesting. So are his fair labor practices. But comparing him to Hug Hefner that old perv with a weakness for hot young babesjust makes him tacky. . EW!

N. Y. Times also takes on the complex world of China and the Internet. In a country where a large percentage of its population still lives in dire poverty, it's interesting how it is being turned into the next bogeyman. And can you really have a 1 billion people centrally governed democracy. I would think not! America has a hard enough time and it's been part of its culture for 200 years. A mere century ago, people would get killed for looking directly at the emperor. A whole different world.
Read this
article on the Internet police, trolling chinese screens to keep things in the right perspective. Again how does one centrally control 1 billion people?


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