Monday, April 24, 2006

stormy weather

Cyclone Monica
I would guess that the
chimps attacking people in Sierra Leona are probably doing so as a defensive maneuver. Or as a signal of civilizational stress. Or due to th breakdown of their social structures, due to the destryction of their habitat. Or maybe they just got fed up with people!

Phillip Roth has a new book out called Evryman and the
Statesman does the analysis. I am an avid Roth reader , but i've not read the book. Sounds like an interesting theme that applies to the millions of baby boomers who thought themselves imortal and invincible and are now reaching that age of the last voyage.

Newsweek does the Duke coverage. A few statements, "promoting "a culture of crassness at the expense of a culture of character." " but it is also the product of a widespread college-age culture that proud parents do not wish to examine too closely: future Masters of the Universe who sometimes behave like thugs." It looks like crassness is winning out. Apparently the sales of LAcrosse Team t-shirts have greatly increased. As stated before in this blog, first come the poor black girls, next come the poor black and brown countries. This new version is a lot less "clean'. There are no statements of the woman locking herself in the bathroom to "do her nails", as the defense had stated previously. But we have Rush Limbaud at his best, calling the women "hos".
But wait! It gets better.
Feministing covers a tv show where a Carlton Tucker (I"m really out of sync on mainstream media. I should watch t.v.) individual calls the "alleged" rape victim a crypto-hooker who should not be taken seriously because she, like, sells her body to strangers.

Ron Mueck : (via swissmiss) at [BBlog]


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