Wednesday, April 26, 2006

immigration..but not only

Another take on alcoholism

According to this story Prez Bush favors the legalization of the 10 to 12 illegal immigrants currently in the US. Congress has returned from its recess and is expected to keep trying to work out a viable solution. There are in this issue a few points that seem to me pertinent.
On the immigrant's side:
They have made themselves visible, coming out of the suburban houses, factories and construction sites to the many rallying points across America. They learned the flag lesson. They know that it is virtually impossible to deport 10 to 12 million people. The social disruption it would cause is at this moment hard to grasp. As Jon Steward, in The Daily Show reminded us, let us recall the whole Ellie Kazan conumdrum and multiply that by several million. The sheer logistics of such an endeavor are simply overwhelming.
They, the illegal and legal immigrants have made themselves heard. It is a fact. Now they have the political forces with them and the American population somewhat ambivalent toward the issue.
So why the May Day boycott and new call to rallies? It seems an excess of zeal, the over enthusiasm we atribute to newly discovered liberties and freedoms. It is misplaced here.
Linking the immigration issue to a date that to this day has very negative conotations in the American psyche might raise a few undesirable ghosts. It links it to a left associated with the images of Fidel and Hugo Chavez. It links it to the labor movements of the beginnings of the 20th century, those too instigated by foreigners. It will excessively politicise an issue that at this moment is still focused on human rights, as translated into basic american decency and right to dignity for all peoples. Now more than loud massive demonstrations of people, it is time for the quiet behing the scenes political maneuvering where it matters most.
On the anti immigration side. Yes these people are taking away jobs that Americans would do for 3 times as much. But do we really want to pay 20 dollars for a pound of fruit and 50 bucks for a fast food meal. Has anyone even thought out the logistics that this massive deportation would imply. I think not!
It is a unique problem facing a unique democracy. And the answers will not be resolved by demogoguery or loud shouting.

Frank Zappa on censorship, may his spirit rest in peace but his message not forgotten: Read it at Flickr


Blogger Iris Guerreiro said...

Passo sempre pelo teu blog e fico extremamente feliz por saber que a tua voz mantém-se sempre opinosa e incisiva nos problemas que tantos querem que sejam descartaveis como a gillete do meu pai!!Ainda não perceberam que a barba volta sempre a crescer (e cada vez mais forte)!
Keep on going!!Beijoes Grandes.

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