Tuesday, April 25, 2006


A roll cloud
Phyllis Shafly thinks the feminists control the Bush administration.According to this old sage of that great group of working women, whose job happens to be that of telling other women to stay home...according to her ..."Is President George W. Bush a feminist, or is he just a typical gentleman who is intimidated by feminists and unable to cope with their unreasonable demands, tantrums and rudeness?" Ahahaah
Here is a wonderful story of a man, Irwin Herman who has spend the last 18 years giving away books to those in need. (via Rebecca's pocket)
The world of addictions:
Alcoholics Anonymous comix from the late 60's to early 70's. "Stop the Madness" music video with among others Whitney Houston, Nancy Reagan on the ravages of drugs. It's a trigger for those weaker of spirit. And B.A. or Bloggers Anonymous, for those of us who's social personal and professional life has started to revolve around that all important activity of blogging. Are you a blogaholic?


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