Wednesday, May 03, 2006

on immigration

Had to stay away for a few days due to the complexities of moving. In the new house, all settled in. Ready for another run of fun blogging.
Found a 1977 interview of Arnord Schwarzenegger for Oui magazine that is truly fantastic. His bluntness indicates that at the time he was concentrating on building his acting career, but that politics hadn't entered his mind. A governor of a state talking about his participation in a gang bang. How weird is that? Even if it was with the woman's consent. It is a dated interview in the context of the 70's but still. Only in California.
On the immigration front:
'America's toughest sheriff', Joe Arpaio has created a posse to do border patrol. Another media move or a growing country wide trend remains to be seen. But this WasPost story sugests that backlash sentiments decided the city council elections in Herdnon, Virginia. The blogosphere, especially the right leaning one, sure wants that to happen and will do evrything they can to contribute to it. On the other hand, I did mention on previous posts that associating large movements with May day and continuing to make a lot of noise may not be the wisest strategy. The whole country is not LA. Furthermore, the leadership vacuum that afflicts this "movement" is an issue that must be thought about. Why that is, what the power struggles are, who's behind the scenes. And finally how is this playing to the average citizen. Comparing this movement to the civil rights movement of the 60's doesn't make much sense. And we do have a parallel culture established in this country, as evidenced by the fact that Hispanics have not been integrated in the Hollywood "system" because they have their own spanish speaking networks. The phenomenon is not new but the sheer number of people it involves is.


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