Thursday, April 27, 2006

nukes and sunflowers

This is THE strangest DaVinci Code craze to date yet. The judge presiding on the recent copyright debacle between Dan Brown and authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, embeded his own code which he calls "The Smithy Code" into the ruling, which denied there was any copyright infringement. Part of this code has yet to be decyphered. Here is the link to the ruling, for any code cracker out there.
The faces of poverty and radiation can be seen in this
Magnum photo essay, not recommended for the weak of constitution. To threaten to nuke any area of the world is to condemn not just the living but the yet to be born to lives of despair. Never again!
The Wash Post
article by one of the founders of Green Peace offers the nuclear is safe argument. His defense is the number of deaths ocurring in all the other fuel related industries. But what he is comparing is careful monitorization of an activity (nuclear) versus the reckless managementof the others, not the dangers inherent in the energy source itself. It is like comparing the performance of two cars while one is being driven by a reckless drunk and the other by a cautious defensive driver. It is what I would call pulling wool over my eyes. And why aren't the other industries run with the same safety criteria?


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