Wednesday, May 03, 2006

drugs and the brain

The ultimate Zen culture is to be found in the Amazonian forest. According to this article, the Piraha do not have words for time and numbers and do not use subordinate clauses. In other words, they live in the absolute here and now, lacking the words that make abstract thought possible. On the other hand the article mentions in passing, that these usages are forbidden, which would imply that they do have the concept, they're just not allowed to use it. Which would not make them Zen at all but extremely supressed and self limiting. Orwellian speech control taken to the extreme if you will. Because you can only forbid that which you have a significant for. It would seem to be a rather interesting psychological/sociological study, rather than a purely linguistic one.
Mexico is going to legalize all drugs, just like most of the European Union and Australia. What has been learned from the legalization of these substances? Those that use them will keep on using and those who stay away will stay away. And of course given that only small amounts are to be legalized, it has no effect on traffic or production. It is the use of the substance that will be legalized or decriminalised, I'm not sure. And once again Americans are hysterically and ignorantly going about their anti drug freak show that the world no longer swallows. The country with some of the most severe drug laws is also by far the biggest user of them Ummm!!
I truly love this country! Well, the reporters are also very knowledgeable on the subject! In the case of this article it is implied that Mexico will legalize trafficking. Another shabby article from the LATimes I'm afraid.
Our brains shut down "the self" when concentrating on a task. We all know the expression "abandoning ourselves in a task". Now it has been scientifically proven to be true. Great! It could help explain the obsessive compulsive disorders or the workaholics.


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