Thursday, May 04, 2006

multi culturalism

How to invert the use of umbrellas and have a constant supply of distilled water.
Chindogu, the Japanese art of engineering contraptions free of true practical purpose. The objects must appear to be the ideal solution to a problem, but when adapted to real use prove themselves impractical. There is a marvelous essay on this beautiful variant of consumer engineering at this link (via BoingBoing)
As much as I understand the english as primary language argument, and the maintenance of anglo cultural supremacy(or at least the appearance of), the use of hot button themes to increase xenophonia is to me anathema to this countries values. The
State Department has 4 versions of the Star Sprangled Banner in spanish and had had them since 1919. When it still wasn't the official anthem, I might add. The Slate has a great take on the whole issue.
A Libertarian's view on immigration.
A must read is David Mamet's essay "On the Inevitable Decay Of Governments" in the


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