Friday, May 05, 2006

daily rants

Robin Givhan writes on the creation of the female presidential archetype. In analysing the apparel of Geena Davis in Commander in Chief, she describes how Hollywood has created that archetype. The meme has been implanted. The average American now can associate an image with an idea, therefore making it concrete and possible. In 2008 little doubt rests that there will be a woman candidate. And that woman should read this article!

Charles Krauthammer, in this week's op-ed reminds us that sometimes a cultural fixation is there for a reason. The Jewish fear of total annihilation fed now by the very concrete threats of the Iranian President. If in America Jews have found a culture where they thrive, in Israel they are once again surrounded by hostility as in the old ghettoes of Europe. It is a paranoid thought, that of the inniquilation of Israel, but one that a lot of people dream of, and try to turn into a future reality. Never again? We hope not!

The way of the future and how we have outsmarted biology. Intelligent design, is what this article in
Popular Mechanics indicates will the the future of homo tecnicus.

I have just finished reading one of the funniest sci-fi short stories stories I have encountered. ."They're made out of meat" written by Terry Bisson.They made a short film out of the story and the film has just won an award at a festival. Will try to get the film. A quote: "They talk by flapping their meat at each other" and the
link (Thanks Boing Boing)

Illegal immigration as Machiavellian construct.
Link (my left wing) My only question! Are Americans willing to pay $20 for a pound of american picked apples. Because you cannot have cheap goods and great wages. Not in this planet, not in this world.


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